Other Services

At mglhr, we would certainly hesitate to call ourselves “HR Generalists” as over the years we have built significant expertise in a wide range of HR specialisms.

Please contact us if you would like any help in any of the following areas:

Performance Management – Not only do we offer training for those who have to manage and appraise others, but we also help organisations establish processes and systems to help their line managers and employees manage and review performance more effectively.

Role Analysis and Job Family Frameworks – we use simple but effective techniques to develop clearly articulated role profiles to help inform appropriate job grading structures (or organisational levels) and job family frameworks. Articulating individual roles, levels and job groupings in a consistent format can lead to better organisational design, improved decision making about remuneration, optimised training and development, and more informed resource planning.

HR Systems and Metrics – Our worldwide research on HR systems and our guidance about evaluating these systems may give you a significant head start if you are looking to implement or replace a core HR system.  Similarly we have considerable experience of HR data consolidation and analysis, through helping a number of organisations improve their HR data and better understand their workforce demographics.

Competency Development – we develop competency frameworks to help organisations articulate and evaluate the behaviours which they see as critical to their success.

360 Degree Feedback – we design and run 360 degree assessment and feedback programmes for a number of clients, to help them identify and develop their internal talent.

Whilst other 360 degree providers offer standard tools and ‘expert’ systems that focus predominantly on the quantitative output of such exercises, we feel that mglhr’s more flexible and bespoke approach leads to output which includes both quantitative and qualitative analyses to better inform individuals and organisations about their development needs.

HR Policies and Procedures – we provide advice and guidance on the practical application of best practice and employment law.

Our services in this respect predominantly focus on the UK environment and range from conducting HR Health Checks (auditing existing people related Policies and Procedures to ensure they are compliant with current legislation) to developing HR related Policies, Procedures, and Employee Handbook content. Click here for HR policies case study.

We are happy to work on a single consultant basis or in any team combination that you choose, dependent upon the skills you require. In addition to our core team, we can also deploy additional close associates to work with us should the need of the project or initiative demand more resources.

Our clients tell us they value this flexibility and the continuity of the service we provide.

To discuss how best we can help you, please contact us.