Assessment for Recruitment & Development

Mglhr consultants, accredited by the British Psychological Society, have an excellent track record of designing and running assessment centres to select candidates for recruitment, and to evaluate staff to identify their personal development priorities.

Whilst investment in such events can be significant, the return is invariably high since thorough and objective assessment helps to prevent costly recruitment decisions and it can inform optimal training spend, succession and organisational planning, and individual career choice.

The design of our assessment events is tailored to specific client requirements. Each will usually comprise of several activities, based on the competencies for relevant roles within the client organisation. Assessment activities typically include: role assimilation, interview, presentation, 360 degree assessment, problem solving and group exercises.

In addition, we have access to a range of occupational and psychometric instruments which can be administered by our consultants, under license, within the assessment process.

We are happy to design and manage the whole assessment process for you, or if you prefer, work alongside members of your own team. We also offer relevant observer training to client teams, prior to the event, to maintain consistent, high quality observation and evaluation. Take a look at our example case study in relation to our assessment for development services. Click here for Assessment for Development Case Study

If you are looking to increase your workforce through recruitment, or to develop your internal talent, don’t hesitate to contact us.